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CIS Reporting Solutions

Starting in 2017, our CIS Reporting Solutions are undergoing a major upgrade due to new technology that we’ve invested in. The reporting of SEO campaign data is critical for our clients so that they’re able to easily discern the impact that our efforts and their marketing dollars are having on their business. We’ve developed a suite of tools that are simple to understand and make it easy to ascertain the value associated with the data. We’ve also created a monthly report that delivers the important information our customers want, and we think you’ll find the approach to be helpful in demonstrating the progress your campaign is making.

Call Reporting

Our call reporting is probably the single most valuable piece of information that we provide our customers. We insert a call tracking phone number in a client’s website, so we always know when a potential customer dials in while they’re looking at the website. The only place that the call tracking number can be found is on the website, giving you a pure representation of the impact it’s having on your business. These calls are recorded for playback and evaluation so you’re not left guessing about the value of the call.

Recordings also act as a training tool, enabling owners to learn about their operation, especially if answering the phone is not a primary duty. Our clients want to know what the website is delivering to their bottom line each month, and there are no clearer means of measuring the success of an SEO campaign than showing your actual new business opportunities created by it. For our clients that have been with us for a long time, this month-over-month, year-over-year tracking clearly demonstrates the value of continuing their SEO program from a historical perspective.

CIS Reporting Call Tracking

An overall graph of calls received during the most recent 30 days. Longer time frames of measurement are available.

CIS Reporting

All calls are recorded so that they can be listened to and evaluated appropriately. By observing missed opportunities and identifying training needs, this can also be an excellent training tool for staff.


Monthly Website Traffic Numbers

A standard reporting metric is the tracking of organic traffic to the website. Visitors who come to the website via a keyword search is an important indicator of the success of the campaign. We are interested in measuring the growth in potential customers who visit your website not via a business name search or referral from another marketing effort you are undertaking.

website organic traffic

The top graph shows the weekly or monthly traffic numbers along with recent historical tracking of these numbers. The chart below shows you which search engine delivered the most new visitors, along with the average time on site and the average number of pages visited. All of this data comes from Google Analytics which is installed and monitored by our team.


Keyword Ranking

Reporting on the amount of progress a client’s individual website is making in terms of the keywords is a vital statistic. We don’t track every keyword that a client website ranks for, just the ones that we are confident are providing business for the client. We also provide you with competitive ranking information so that you know where you stand against the competition on the search engine results pages.

Google Analytics Reporting

Ranking is displayed for the keyword (left) along with the geography affected by this ranking. In this case, they are ranking #1 in the country for several of their top keyword phrases. You can also see where their competitors are ranking as well.

CIS Google Search Visibility Report

The search visibility report shows where the client’s keywords are ranking as a statistical average and where competitors rank as well. You may also notice that there are small Gs which represent measurable algorithm updates from Google. They only usually report the smaller updates, but as you can see, they have been very busy this past year in terms of significant updates to the rankings.


Why Choose CIS Reporting Solutions

We know that every client has different reporting needs based on a number of factors such as the amount of viable, traffic-rich keywords, the geography of their own market, and finally, their industry. A local restaurant in Parker is going to have a much different reporting profile compared to a DUI attorney in Northglenn. At CIS, we create custom reports and provide traffic reports that are automatically sent to our clients each month.

At Colorado Internet Solutions we know how important it is to teach our clients about SEO and give them an understanding of the value it offers to their business’ website and bottom line. It’s job #1 for us to educate our customers on the value of every precious marketing dollar you invest in optimizing your website with us, and we are determined to earn and maintain your trust. Contact us here or call us today at 720-458-3046 to find out how we can help you create measurable results for your small business website.